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Wheather you’re planning a party for five or a corporate function for 5000 MIX MASTERS4U, can help make your next event a success.


Flair bartender

Rose is just not a Mixologist, she is a flair Bartender and performing artist . She just perform by flipping bottles and glasses with mixing cocktails. She is professional flair Bartender with friendly




Mixologist Roshan is known as a great Mixologist. He is perfectly skilled in mixing ingredients to create amazing cocktails. He has been creating nice cocktails for many years.



Flair bartender

A flair bartender is the one who juggles bottles, does little tricks for entertaining the guests while making the drinks. The action requires proper skills


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Dhruv Dhody

Dhruv Dhody


'It was the most amazing Sunday I have had, sitting Downwith friends learning how to make those fabulous drinks!!”

Charu Khurana

Charu Khurana


“Helped give a new sense of excitement to drinking and mixing! it was very interactive and definitely value for money.”

Prashant Dixit

Prashant Dixit

Corporate Event

“Excellent value for money. The instructors were cool and very knowledgeable.”

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Why us ?

Our bar service provide a complete bar experience. Our work way is a simple concept. We are devoted to fulfill your needs by providing you our best services.
Creative Craft Cocktails

Creative craft cocktails

We use professional bar equipment and high tech bar services to create great cocktails and drinks that gives your event an upscale atmosphere.

mixmasters4u Cocktails


Our team of expert staff are committed to understand your requirement and rock your event.Our team of professionals have many years of experience in the cocktail catering, hospitality service. Their expert knowledge,skills and sheer passion, gives them the extra edge.

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100% Satisfaction

We believe in providing quality service to our clients.Our aim is to make our customers happy .By our unique, creative, and friendly way we make our customers happy.

Are you pro bartenders? We need you.

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Our friendly staff is always ready to help you find the perfect drink or suggest your new favorite.

Cocktails bartender


  • 1 bartender
  • 6 Hours
  • 5 basic
  • Cocktails *
Flair Bartender


  • 1 bartender
  • 2 Time flairing
  • 4 Hours
  • Mixologists *
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Cocktails Are Like Present You Give To Yourself.

Mulled Wine

Why is the drink famous ? Mulled wine has become a favorite drink during the winter months as it has warm qualities. Drinking hot liquids warms the body from the inside out. It is also Read more…